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reverse engineering

RINGSIDE will perform a comprehensive carrier engineering assessment of your telecommunications environment to identify all existing telecommunication services, their function, and their usage. This is not a simple audit process. Auditors are only capable of finding savings that are considered to be the ‘low hanging fruit’, while our process is designed to ‘pick the tree clean’ and to improve network performance and reliability at the same time.

Real life example: a well known telecom audit firm sent us a portfolio that they had already worked on for a regional trucking company in which they identified $25,000 in savings per year. After our carrier engineering effort, we increased that number 5 fold to $125,000 in savings while improving the network throughput performance. Only an engineering approach can achieve these kinds of results.

Our engineers will focus on defining the underlying infrastructure of the phone companies own core network, it’s interconnects, and the technologies deployed. We then study the overlaid services that ride this core network as well as the ‘last mile’ access circuits that connect to the client’s location. Mapping the data of your business critical applications outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the design and its implementation. This affords us the opportunity to analyze the technical, business, and fiscal aspects of the network for optimal design practices with focus on reliability, predictability, and enterprise quality. We are able to show you methods that reinforce performance through visuals, while also ensuring you are best positioned to get the most out of your financial investment. Recommendations for improvements will be outlined and provided to you (the client) for review and approval.  This comprehensive service includes the audit and assessment of all existing telecom circuits for possible savings, operational improvements, and managed implementation of all approved recommendations.

Getting started

We will ask you to provide us basic and readily available information to get started:

  • access to your latest telecom related invoices
  • any network diagrams you may already have
  • a list of locations

We don’t expect you will know all of the details of how your network has been built. Our team starts by gathering the various materials from which we extract all components needed to reverse-engineer your environment. This enables us to figure out the configuration of your current facilities, as well as the arrangement of the core network. We will use all available data to engineer a better platform that guarantees better service.


Reliability, Predictability, and Enterprise Quality…without the Cost!