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Client Testimonials

If you are interested in learning about the quality of services from Ringside Partners, Inc., you should consult those with firsthand experience. On this page, you can read testimonials written by clients that are truly satisfied with the work we have provided.


QCR Holdings Logo

I don’t make a habit of recommending the services of our suppliers but Ringside Partners has earned my respect for their efforts, and their caring.

When Ringside Partners was first introduced to me, I was already using a service that I thought was similar. However I immediately realized their methodology and technical capabilities were broader and deeper. After using their service, I can tell you that they delivered upon their commitments and exceeded expectations I had for them.

Not only did they perform their regular reverse engineering services in helping improve and fine tune our voice and data network while saving our bank nearly six figures annually but they also agreed to manage the deployment and integration of our new PBX phone systems; an upgrade complicated by having two different PBX platforms sold by two competing suppliers. This was a challenging deployment for us with both seen and unforeseen integration activities which had to be resolved; having them in our corner was a wonderful asset.

Ringside wielded the carrier engineering expertise needed to influence the phone companies and equipment suppliers to design and implement our network the proper way. Even when the phone companies stood firm on their network decisions, Ringside was able to negotiate through their position by technically addressing each point and explaining in-depth design facts, ultimately resulting in a final implementation which saved us money and brought better stability and performance.

They clearly demonstrated to us they had our best interests in mind, and offered the same detailed efforts whether the issues were high cost or low cost choices. Ringside would not accept anything less than the best that could be offered and treated our problems as their own. I now consider them an integral part of our team, and I would highly recommend their services to any business or organization looking to bring real carrier engineering expertise to their team.

Michael Wyffels
QCR Holdings Inc


First Chatham BankWhen I first heard of RINGSIDE, I was dismissive; at first, it just sounded like the same old story we have heard for years from countless other vendors, all with the promise to save me money. It wasn’t until the first time we spoke that I realized this would be different.

Ringside spoke a language I wanted to hear. They brought a unique experience to the table and shared different perspectives on the industry. They came across as partners engaging in real brainstorming, not just another vendor trying to sell something. It was evident that they did not represent any carriers or equipment, but truly had our best interest in mind. Nothing was rushed and there were no pressures to make a decision. It was refreshing and a pleasure to have them join us as one of our own.

Our project design was no doubt influenced by their insight, and I feel we made the best decision. We were able to strike a balance between performance and cost that made sense and afforded adaptability for future changes. Their creed has been that if we design it right, the savings will follow. Our platform is more robust now than ever and we still managed to create over 25% savings, clearly proving this point.

We continue to have a relationship with Ringside. One thing that has been clear is that they are here for the long run, and a welcome asset to First Chatham Bank. I am conservative when it comes to references, but I am quite comfortable to suggest to any company that they engage with the engineers at Ringside Partners.

Jason R. Malick
Vice President
First Chatham Bank


Bear Wagner

Over the past several years I have used the services of Ringside Partners several times and have been pleased with their efforts every time.  Even though I know our business is not as large as many of their clients, they are always available to discuss concerns, future plans, and to keep me abreast of the newest technologies that we can take advantage of.

Ringside Partners managed our implementation in a seamless fashion, working closely with our current service providers, our IT vendor, and our PBX vendor. They managed to lower the cost of our monthly telecom fees while improving the overall performance of our telecom services.  Through this process they remained engaged throughout the entire process and ensured the project was completed as designed.

Ringside Partners also designed a low cost backup system for both voice and data that works automatically. Once installed, they fully tested several outage scenarios to prove the full system functionality so now we don’t have to worry about losing out on business from our phones and network being down.

They have always been very patient with us and tried to explain all the options available so that we could make the best decision that matched our business’s needs.  I appreciate having someone who is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of the telecom industry available to contact when I have questions and/or have to deal with problems from a service provider.

I highly recommend the services of Ringside Partners.

Best Regards,

Shane Cunningham
CFO / VP Finance
Menold Construction


Bristol Management LogoWe have been promised the world in the past, so we are skeptical when something sounds too good to be true. That was our initial reaction when we first heard the sales pitch from Ringside Partners. But the story made sense and we decided to give them a try. We were pleased to find that Ringside really can deliver on what they say; above and beyond actually. These folks are old school.

When we got started we already had problems with our offices being able to communicate properly. Voice mail issues, noisy lines, and really slow data. This was all after ATT brought in their best solution. We were told it was our equipment, so we bought new equipment but we still had a platform that seemed to be half baked. I found myself rebooting gear on a daily basis just to stay operational.

Ringside engineers joined our team and the brain storming began. Now we understood what they meant by ‘carrier engineering’. They really dug down deep into our design, and into ATT’s underlying infrastructure. They explained how the actual data traversed both our own and ATT’s network, where the weak points were, and why problems could arise with the design we had. We ended up spending more time talking about what we wanted to see rather than talking about what was there. It was a refreshing experience compared to what ATT offered. It wasn’t trying to fill a square hole with a round plug, but instead we defined an exact set of needs and developed an exact solution to match.

Then they went and bid the job out to several different phone companies, and spent time determining exactly what and where the network would look like with each option. They even interviewed several local IT resources to come in and be part of the solution. We reviewed everything and collectively decided on a direction. Ringside then managed the installation of a new platform from beginning to end, and eliminated the old infrastructure. It was clear whose side they were on as they were indeed playing the role of the customer, representing our interests down to the nitty gritty details.

In the end, all applications worked properly, and we did not have to invest in new phone systems. My staff and I are very pleased with the outcome. We ended up with far more performance that we had to start with, everything seemed to work dependably for the first time in years, and yet they still created over 33% monthly savings in the process. Their industry insight and experience proved invaluable and the best part is that Ringside is still there for us for the long run. Ringside is a very capable, very experienced, and very honorable company. I learned a lot working with them and will recommend them to anyone looking to have a partner who can represent their interests too. They really are ‘in your corner’.

Thanks John,

Mary G. Woodard
IT Manager


HeritageWe are pleased that the engineers from Ringside Partners have joined our team here at Heritage Enterprises. Their engineers implemented a detailed process that was comprehensive and very successful. They enabled us to use their strong industry experience and insight so that we were able to change to a design that has proven to be far more efficient, improving performance while dramatically reducing our costs.

Ringside Partners’ engineers were able to reduce our data services budget by 40% while increasing our data throughput almost nearly tenfold. Ringside Partners was able to help us with our voice services too, which saw a significant cost reduction. They also helped us to implement management tools which improved our ability to manage maintenance as well as the ability to monitor and pay our invoices more efficiently.

Ringside Partners continues to be a valuable technical resource helping us with all aspects of our voice and data services. We appreciate having their expert knowledge and assistance available to us including situations where they really didn’t have any financial or other reason to help us. We look forward to a long term relationship with them and are counting on them as a part of our team. I highly recommend working with Ringside Partners.

Benjamin Hart
Senior Vice President


Snyder GroupPrior to finding Ringside Partners, we were having problems with our phone systems so several PBX vendors presented us with solutions which were all very confusing. Thankfully, before we made the mistake of buying one of their expensive systems, we learned there was a simple solution that solved the problems with our present phone system. With Ringside Partners on our side, we will never be in a situation like that again.

Ringside brings in-depth industry knowledge to our side of the table including telephone company equipment design, core network design, and product marketing experience; they partnered closely with our existing IT vendors to create what has become a DREAM TEAM. Everyone works great together.

We can’t afford to lose business because our phone lines are down so they came up with innovative ways to make sure we have disaster backup systems in place for our phones, fax, and data lines. Even though Ringside’s design was new to our IT and PBX vendors, Ringside worked closely with them to implement what we believe is the best solution possible. It works great and has a nominal cost.

They took their time with our staff to insure that all of the design improvements they made were working properly. Then they waited until our carriers had updated their invoices to show our new monthly costs, which will be over $60,000 in annual savings, before they sent out their first invoice for their part of the savings.

We look forward to a long term relationship with Ringside Partners so we can take advantage of their design capabilities and technical support. We can call upon them at any time and at no additional cost to us. Our experience with Ringside Partners has been great and I would highly recommend their services.


Charles B. Farner
Executive Vice President/ Owner


Union MissionI would like to thank Ringside Partners for making our phones and phone service work properly, while at the same time lowering our monthly telecom spend from over $9,000 to just under $3,700.approximately 60% savings.

When they first began their process, we were concerned about possibly jumping out of the pan, and into the fire. The Ringside engineering approach proved to be just what we needed to meet and surpass our own goals.

Our existing phone system never worked properly from the day it was installed, and the phone service was dropping out consistently. We had to wait days to get support regardless of the problem. Ringside began by negotiating the termination of our three year service agreement with no penalty. This opened the doors to look for the best performing carriers in our territory.

A new design was laid out that was far more efficient and cost effective. Ringside then managed a quote process from many competitors that could meet our design goals. We chose to go with a local carrier in the area because they could actually dispatch a technician to any site within minutes.

The next step was to manage the RFP for a new phone system. Ringside laid out the pros and cons of each system, established baseline performance markers, and invited several competitors to present their systems in person. This afforded us a clear understanding of what to look for making the presentations themselves very productive. We again chose to go with a local vendor to ensure adequate sustained support.

In the end, Ringside managed the integration, cleaned up the billing, and left us better educated and better served. Even though the project is complete we continue our long term relationship, calling on and depending on our telecom engineering partners. I will recommend anyone to work with Ringside, and get an engineering partner in your corner.


LaVanda Brown
Executive Vice President


MercerDear John,

I want to personally thank you for your efforts in assisting us with the redesign of Mercer’s voice and data networks. It was a pleasure to have you join our team as one of our own. Your knowledge of the industry proved indispensable as we migrated from a TDM-Based platform to an Ethernet platform including a VoIP trunking solution which greatly increased manageability and overall cost savings.

Mercer must provide our students, faculty, staff, and administration with robust network access and services to allow us to be competitive and to provide flexibility and long-term growth potential. We must also provide prospective students, parents, and others with robust access to Mercer resources. The solution our team created certainly satisfies all of those requirements. We were able to increase throughput by 600% at a number of remote sites, and we more than doubled the capacity of our core backbone. More importantly, we now have the ability to easily and quickly expand bandwidth as demands increase making our solution future proof.

The many hours you spent working with us to make sure our team members were aware of the options and that our final design was the best fit for us proved to me that you are a true professional and incredibly knowledgeable about the constantly-changing telecommunications industry. That’s quite a feat! You have shown me that you care about getting it right regardless of the effort required. I am pleased to refer other clients to Ringside Partners and look forward to working with you again.

Best Regards,

Michael R. Belote
Associate VP for Information Technology



I wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting our international traffic configured correctly. Unlike some Bill Auditors we used in the past, Ringside was clearly focused on our network performance and protection… not the savings. We spent a lot of time together reviewing the key issues involved with delivering quality Video in particular, along with our other applications. Once we defined the networking objectives, John’s team went to work to find us quality solutions to meet those objectives. By taking the time to design the solution the right way, we actually ended up saving the most money.

Ringside’s engineering approach works, and I highly recommend working with John and his team.

Colette A. Smith
I.T.D. Coordinator


Bear WagnerRingside has been an excellent and well versed source of help and information regarding converting my Firm’s communication budget and technology. They recognized the importance that both data and voice communication integrity are the bread and butter of a Wall Street Firm. They helped us migrate from a single point of failure to a diverse plan that not only makes sense but is saving my firm thousands of dollars per month. I look forward to continued success working with John and Ringside Partners.

Best Regards,

Allen F. Snyder
Chief Technology Officer
Bear Wagner Specialists, LLC



Plaza AssociatesJohn,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with the work you have done with us and, in fact, are still doing.

When we started working with you, we had four major telecom carriers delivering service to us, however all service came in on a single loop. Obviously for a company of our size whose life blood is the phone call, this was not a great scenario to be in. It provided us no redundancy and put us at major risk for outages which are a common occurrence here in the city.

Through your existing relationships with numerous vendors, most specifically, Time Warner Telecom, we manage to build a new fiber loop into our premises free of charge!!! This has afforded us true network diversity for both our local loops and inbound and outbound call routing.

Since our relationship started we have moved from (4) carriers to (3) and have plans to move to (2) in the near future. This has helped us consolidate billing, better manage inventory and in the long run really helped us get the best rates out there with the most beneficial billing for our type of calling patterns.

John, the bottom line is that after working with you we saved an astounding 38% off our bottom line. At times I still can’t believe it!!! I thank you very much for all the services you have rendered and look forward to a long, continued relationship with Ringside.


Chris Bohlin
Telecom Manager


LummusRingside first listened to our problems, and then looked at our network. Without changing phone companies, and after addressing all of our concerns, they engineered an easier to manage and higher performing platform. The amazing part of all this is that it also led to over $77k in annual savings.

Dennis King
Lummus Corp – IT Director


Green ChimneysDear John,

I wanted to take time out to personally thank you for helping Green Chimneys to potentially realize great savings on our telecom bills.

As a non-profit agency we depend on the public’s support for funding, and fund raising is a difficult business and has to alert to savings. We need to get the most out of every dollar we raise and finding new ways to lower our costs allows us to put those resources directly toward our programs. Our donors expect us to be very careful with our spending. They are acutely aware of what percentage we spend on fund development.

Only six months prior we had an independent firm audit our phone bills and the only result was an official report saying there was no savings to be found. We were skeptical about having your firm repeat those efforts, but your approach proved to be vastly different. You not only managed to uncover immediate savings within our bills, but took the time to educate our staff on how to better understand our telecom environment so we were no longer in the dark. By educating our IT staff of the world of telecom, we now are moving forward with a long term plan that will give us significant savings ($70k/year) in our operational costs.

I am very pleased to have you be part of the Green Chimneys’ family, and I am happy to refer any other business to work with Ringside Partners. Thank you for your efforts.


Samuel B. Ross, Jr., PhD
Managing Director


Graham WindhamThe Graham School was contacted by Ringside Partners with the promise to help reduce telephone expenses and to better educate us in our telephone charges. They did everything they promised.

Ringside helped us to better understand the working of our telephones, the charges and the hidden costs. They were very thorough in their analysis of our telephone systems, carriers, bills, and hardware. They explained all these to us in layman terms so we could understand them.

We had recently signed a new contract and Ringside was still able to create a 30% savings off our monthly bills.

John is easy to work with, honest and knows his work. I certainly would recommend his experience to save your company money on their telephone charges.


Arthur A. Weingarten
Director of business Operations