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experience that’s really worth mentioning…yes, we are different!

This is where Ringside Partners truly stands alone in the world of telecom management, plain and simple. We don’t count on office administrators to get the job done. Regardless of the task, big or small, we have senior telecom engineers at the helm and that affords support you can measure.

Onizuka Air Force Station – our start over 30 years ago. Shown are two Ford Aerospace AN/ FSC-78 Heavy Satellite Earth Terminals with 60ft diameter dishes.

We started in the satellite communications industry, one of the few technical segments that involve digital, analog, and RF technologies. For years, the satellite industry led in technical innovations simply out of necessity because once a rocket blasts a satellite into orbit 23,000 miles above our heads, the ability to swap out a circuit board simply disappears. Efficiency has always been the name of the game. Case in point…standards of the industry today, such as G.729 voice compression, can trace their roots back to ADPCM days and the then evolving ‘low-delay kelp’ algorithms that the Satcom world deployed. MPLS was preceded by DAMA and other payload sharing protocols. Even the wireless industry saw TDMA, CDMA, and other access methods cutting their teeth in the satellite industry. Ultimately, this gave our engineers a 10~15 year head start over today’s copper and fiber based telecom companies. The fact that we worked on the design and manufacturing teams that developed this equipment also gives us a deep understanding of the actual circuits and a true appreciation for how it all works at the most basic level.



Outlined below are some of our roles and responsibilities that have contributed to our very wide and deep knowledge base from which we operate:

  • Capable of designing the most cost-effective and intelligent networks.
  • Able to source and provision forward looking telecom service sales solutions on your behalf.
  • Approach telecom management from a true leadership role.
  • Maintain good working relations with vendors, carriers, and senior engineers by promoting close cooperation and mutual respect.

Ringside engineers worked with the phone company product marketing teams to define the telecom services they sell, and their network expansion teams to develop the ‘core’ back-bone networks that their services  ride over. Our engineers:

  • Helped develop ‘off the shelf’ standardized telecom service packages to better support the sales teams.
  • Helped identify phone company baseline operating costs to established minimum sales margins.
  • Helped define core network property requirements (signaling overhead, traffic load, redundancy, latency, jitter, etc.) all to ensure proper delivery of the various telecom service types being sold and provisioned.
  • Refined the telecom service order provisioning process (the ‘assembly line’) and procedures for the phone companies.
  • Worked with marketing and sales leaders to define sales strategies and analyze probable market penetration.

Ringside engineers deployed highly advanced satellite communications systems using the routing, multiplexing, and modulation technologies that today’s telecom service providers eventually adopted.  Our engineers:

  • Helped manufacture and test the U.S. Air Force Defense Network.
  • Helped design, manufacture, and test the satellite modem for the U.S. Patriot Missile.
  • Helped design, manufacture, and test deployable satellite terminals for the U.S. Military Special Forces.
  • Helped design, manufacture, test, and deploy an advanced TDMA/DAMA network in Russia for L.U.K. Oil Company.
  • Brought the initial land-line phones to the mountains of Tibet allowing for their first real-time communications to the outside world. We accomplished this by deploying a SATCOM network with the cooperation of the China Ministry of Railroads.
  • Co-founded Iron-Link Communications…a satellite teleport gateway to Central & South America.

Ringside engineers spent years in telecom equipment manufacturing laboratories designing, assembling, testing, and tuning the various individual circuits used in advanced telecom technologies. Our engineers:

  • Engaged in component level tuning – technical experience that is not seen outside of a manufacturing environment. Our ability to reproduce networking conditions such as data clock skewing, group delay, buffer overflow/underflow, latency, and jitter allows us to understand, and to take the steps to prevent poor network performance.
  • Helped design, manufacture, and install the actual telecom equipment the phone companies deploy including fiber-multiplexers, modems, amplifiers, and converters.

Ringside engineers know the various telecom billing platforms, their measured complexities and potential for abuse. Our engineers:

  • Conducted thorough telecom invoice analysis & assessment to include correction of billing errors, account credits, identification and elimination of waste, and inefficient or poor network designs. We also managed detailed review of contractual terms and the correction of hidden conflicting language, along with aggressive contractual negotiations.

We have spent many years managing telecom on behalf of our clients, finding better ways to move their data, and better ways for them to communicate.