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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to do an engineering review?

Not at all. We suggest that a full review of any network is done prior to sourcing circuits. But, if your company has the available resources to define exactly what is needed, we are happy to pick up from there. The primary advantage to having us do the sourcing and procurement is that you will have an actual engineering team managing your provisioning process. We helped design the order process and know where to look for potential problems.

  • We understand the technical questions on the order forms, no guesswork.
  • We ensure orders get entered into the provisioning system correctly the 1st time.
  • We act as the main POC (point of contact) for multiple vendors/carriers.
  • We have visual access to the systems allowing us to properly manage the project’s implementation through to ‘turn-up’.

What is the cost to work with Ringside Partners?

None! We basically remove the telecom sales department from the equation because we positioned ourselves as engineers that have the ability to sell. Because we broker all the Telco services , we use those phone company commissions reserved for direct sales representatives to pay for our engineering and management services. You get telecom management that is an order of magnitude better, with direct access to an engineering team…and the phone companies, not the client, pay us for our services.

Unlike our competitors, we have the ability to work with all (100%) of the telecom service provider out there regardless of their size, whether its for voice, data networking, internet, cloud, security – anything.  Only by taking a completely agnostic position can we guarantee that we do not push any particular service, but instead we can bring the absolute best solutions to the table.

Do you manage outages too?

Yes, we do. Although the phone company is responsible for repairing the service outage, we stay involved as needed to manage the process, to force escalations, to provide any information necessary to get you back on-line in the shortest possible time frame…and to get you off the hook from being married to a midnight phone call.

It should be noted that we work with you to intelligently design redundancy into your network so that you don’t have to wear the fireman’s hat all the time. It’s not a matter of if, but when, an outage will occur. As previously stated, we can offer some very inexpensive solutions that make a great deal of sense.

How do we get started?

We usually work with your accounts payable department at the beginning of a new engineering project. They typically have the most up to date and accurate records of the invoices they pay each month, so it’s just a matter of getting a copy of their spreadsheet listing all telecom related accounts. From there, we have several options to move forward with the process of gathering copies of pertinent documentation, ranging from your complete involvement in the process, to your team not being involved at all.

How long does the process take?

If the client chooses not to become engaged in the process early on, we can gather invoices, contracts, etc. directly from the phone companies. But, it takes longer than simply having the client directly provide us with copies of these items.

From the point that we have a complete set of documentation, we typically like to set up a ‘kickoff’ call with the IT department one to two weeks out depending on network complexity. This call allows us to do a quick review of the existing network infrastructure and the data applications being used. We then follow up with you in two to three weeks to discuss the engineering improvements that we believe will enhance the overall telecom network performance.