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About Our Telecom engineering and Management Company

Ringside Partners is a telecom carrier engineering firm, a telecom management specialist, and an independent telecom services broker. We address our client’s network inefficiencies and expense management through both intuitive engineering design practices and smart purchasing of their telecom services. Depending on the needs and desire of our clients, we can offer just design engineering, just telecom service procurement, or both. As a result, we have the capacity to offer high quality telecom management starting with design and implementation, all the way through to the end of a telecom service’s life cycle…’cradle to grave’. Our highly experienced engineers are able to boost your network’s performance, reliability, security, and redundancy while reducing costs at the same time.

We manage your service through the life of the contract. If you have a problem, question, or concern, you talk directly to an engineer. We are 100% value-add at no additional cost to you!

  • Since we eliminate the telecom sales representative position from our business model, there is no middleman to go through to request the support you need. You always speak directly to an engineering team.
  • All technical consultations are free when telecom services are ordered through Ringside (e.g., merging locations; users who work from home; adding an application; moves, adds, changes, disconnects; experiencing a service outage).
  • We are your long term partner…delivering proven management and support…as a valued member of your team.

Unmatched Engineering & Management Skills

John 12-16-2014

John Doherty
President – Ringside Partners

Ringside Partners has targeted the small and medium sized business market. For us, it’s purely about relationships and being accepted as part of a team. Our skill set compliments your IT-team very nicely due to our specific experience and focus on the wide area network. Ringside engineers partner with your IT-team to lower your monthly expenses the correct way…by looking deep below the surface to address the root cause of your high telecom costs and low telecom performance buried within the underlying infrastructure of your telephone company’s own core-network. What do we bring to the table that others can’t? Our breadth of network and equipment design and manufacturing experience, along with first-hand knowledge of the policies defined behind closed door sessions within the telecom industry. Put simply, Ringside’s carrier engineers have held key authoritative positions that give us both technical and business insight shared by less than 1% of the industry.

This deep, comprehensive experience provides us with the unique ability to manage your services with carriers and vendors alike. We recognize the need to have this level of knowledge, support, and proficiency on the client’s side of the table. Ringside Partners was created to represent the interests of the end user. Since the phone companies can no longer afford to provide you with proper support, we fill that void and have the phone companies reallocate existing sales commissions to pay for our services. We know how the business works and that knowledge is what works for you. Realize the full potential of your savings and get ‘enterprise’ quality and performance…without the cost!